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Are you ready to awaken the divine wisdom within and bring forth Ancient practices to transform your life?  Are you a trailblazing Woman with the passion to lead others? Our program, lead by NeuroMyoFascial Specialist, International Yoga Teacher Trainer & Energy Balancing Practitioner Tiffany Baskett, will transform you, your movement practices, and your mindset in just 6 months. This training will challenge you in ways you’ve never been challenged so that you can become the best version of yourself, making the connection from Afrikan/Egyptian principles all the way through Vedic and Eastern theologies. 

How this yoga training is different?

Metaphysical Training

Our energy system speaks to us and has from the beginning of time. We can re-learn to listen and repattern our actions in order to achieve our best health with ancient practices. Metaphysical healing incorporates a strong believe that when given the necessary tools and directions the body can and will heal itself. True healing begins when the mind, body and spirit are in balance.

Teach Like a Pro

Knowledge doesn’t transform, “applied knowledge” does, which is where your power lies. You’ll learn to blend the art and science of movement, breath, and mindfulness as you cultivate a renewed appreciation for your body as a miraculous being. You will transcend our training with the confidence to lead others in the healing practice of yoga.

Melanin 411

Self exploration is at the core of our training. We believe healing is an inside job which requires a deeper connection within and through our ancestry. We journey through Ancient Kemet/Egypt and guide you through the process of self awareness acceptance. It’s amazing what happens when insight to the ancient contributions of our modern society help unlock your path.

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How & What You Learn

No matter what lineage of yoga appeals to you, start from the very beginning and feel confident in your ability to create, build, and flow on your own with us!


You’ll have access to our comprehensive online platform to accelerate your learning experience in conjunction with LIVE training. Cutting edge science meets technology, whether you join us in our boutique studio located in Atlanta, GA or online. we will leverage every opportunity to optimize your learning.

*Graduation weekend - the last weekend of the certification program - must be attended in person*


Many students seek Yoga to heal from injury. Learning from a Functional Movement Specialist that focuses on your fascial connective tissue, you’ll be prepared to teach those with various structural or chronic pain issues, from spinal imbalances to post-injurious and help protect from future ailments. This aspect alone will allow you to stand apart from the rest and be a knowledgeable teacher.


Learn the science of meditation and understand the physiological benefits to better apply in your life from a practical standpoint. Acquire a unique set of skills to elevate your consciousness and be able to spread the art of meditation to your students. Take your collective wellness to another level. You will be able to lead a Yin/Restorative class or fully embodied breathwork practice class upon completion.


Yoga Alliance School Registration pending, CEUs will be immediately provided for your 200HR designation should you decide to register with Yoga Alliance. Alternative registries/associations will be discussed during training so you can make an informed decision about your specific path.

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Meet our Team

Our training team is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable instructors across the country who "practice what they teach" and lead in authenticity.

Gina Callender

Yin + Restorative Yoga

Lorien Talmadge

Yoga Business / Leadership

Bizzie Gold

Timeline Diagnostics / Pattern Rewires

It Isn’t Just About The "Poses"

Our True Align Metaphysical 200HR Yoga Teacher Certification Program provides an opportunity to release old patterns of limiting beliefs (mentally and physically), a solid foundation to teach yoga confidently, inspire others, and deepen your own personal practice. The focus of this training is to provide students with APPLIED knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and understanding of all yoga philosophies from their Ancient Kemetic/Egyptian roots so that you not only learn in “theory” but are then able to apply the philosophies in everyday life as you RE-member your truth. In addition, part of the program will focus on meticulous geometrical alignment to “heal” and reconnect with the body.

Founder and Instructor, Tiffany Baskett, FST, LMT, SRT, E-RYT 500 & YACEP, infuses her broad didactic knowledge in anatomy, neuromyofascial therapy, spatial + functional medicine, and trauma informed energy healing to bring you a deep & personally transformative teacher training experience along with other passionately dedicated instructors for Yin+Restorative Yoga, Leadership, Meditation, and Self-sabotaging Pattern Rewires.

Details + Timeline 2021


Upon acceptance into the program you will be able to login to the student online portal, complete payments, and view content.


Our training is divided into modules and is designed so that students can engage in self study through the online training platform.


We will meet LIVE one weekend/mo for 6 months, Friday afternoon (4pm-8pm); Saturday (8am-8pm) and Sunday (8am-8pm)


Scheduled Final Exam is both Written and Demonstration. Seva practicum is also required to complete certification.

In Person Training Dates

*** Dates and times are in EST & may be subject to change. Makeup dates are case-by-case ***

  • October 28 - 30
  • November 18 - 20
  • December 16 - 18
  • January 27 - 29
  • February 24 - 26
  • March 17 - 19 *In Person Graduation Retreat*


  • Computer + internet connection
  • Zoom installed
  • Webcam
  • Self-discipline

Acceptance is based on a careful selection process.


*Payment options available upon request*

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True Align 200HR YTT

This Is An Investment In You. You’ll Gain The Tools To Transform Your Life + Health And Create A Rewarding Career Helping Others To Do The Same. 

*Already 200HR Certified, but want to deepen your knowledge by attending a single unit? We would love to have you as an addition to our container...

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