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✨ The curriculum we have created draws inspiration from ancient tradition, from the valley of the tombs in Kemet (Egypt) to the Vedic philosophies of Patanjali and the Bhagadva Gita, along with modern science, to develop a profound understanding of yoga in its personal and universal impact. One of the goals of our 200HR & 300HR  Yoga Teacher Trainings is to kindle trust for the body’s intelligence, encouraging a practice rooted in conscious spiritual connection, self-awareness and self-care. This approach steadies the mind, invigorates the body, stimulates the heart, and cultivates observation without judgment—a key principle of True Align Wholistic Life. ✨
Tiffany Baskett has been training Yoga teachers for more than 5 years. Her curriculum continues to evolve as we all do collectively, in service of our current global community, and her school is inspired by dedicated yoga enthusiasts like you.

200HR Metaphysical YTT

Our True Align 200HR Yoga Teacher Certification Program provides an opportunity to release old patterns of limiting beliefs mentally and physically, a solid foundation to teach yoga confidently, inspire others, and deepen your own personal practice. The focus of this training is to provide students with APPLIED knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and understanding of all yoga philosophies from their Ancient Kemetic/Egyptian roots so that you not only learn in “theory” but are then able to apply the philosophies in everyday life as you re-member your truth. 

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300HR Transcendental YTT

This advanced teacher training includes video modules and live lectures with world-renowned teachers and experts. Students enjoy in-depth modules on spirituality, business & money mindset, body mapping, advanced asana and pranayama techniques, and teaching methodology for online or in person instruction. Our Transcendental 300 HR Training course deepens knowledge in yoga, specifically in the styles of Vinyasa, Nidra and Prenatal. Areas will include TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), insight training, inversions, somatic awareness, and effective teaching techniques.

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Our Mentorship is created for certified yoga teachers who are ready to find their authentic voice and discover what it means to be a true leader. We focus on real world experience, community building, breaking comfort zones, and what it means to create and hold space for all bodies. Over the course of five weeks you will be encouraged to move away from self-limiting beliefs around teaching yoga and immersed in a diverse and supportive space designed to give you the experience, tools and confidence to elevate and impact. This course includes weekly teaching with feedback, and the opportunity to teach a public virtual community class with proceeds going to a charity or organization of your choice. Finally, you will attend master classes + workshops with senior teachers.

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